Fast Bail Bonds in Anaheim, CA

For bail affordable bonds Anaheim call now for immediate release. We’ve been servicing the Anaheim jail for over 15 years and live 15 minutes from the police department. We understand how difficult it can be finding the right bail bond company but we are here to help. We guarantee the owner will answer the phone when you call, answer all your questions and walk you through each step of the bail process.

Sunset Bail Bonds has posted bail throughout Orange County for almost two decades. We understand the system and the importance of getting you out of the Anaheim jail immediately.

About the Anaheim Police Department

The Anaheim jail only houses a small amount of inmates so it fills up quickly. If you’re posting a bail bond for a loved one, this means they risk the chance of being transferred to the Orange County Jail (OCJ). If we can help you bail from the city jail, it can normally be done within a few hours. If the individual is transferred to OCJ it can take 24 to 48 hours before they’re released. Call us now! We are open all night!!

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Anaheim From Santa Ana

  1. 1. Take the I-5 N
  2. 2. Take exit 111 for Lincoln Ave
  3. Long Beach)
  4. 3. Turn right at W Lincoln Ave
  5. 4. Turn right at S Harbor Blvd
  6. 5. Arrive at 425 S Harbor Blvd

Anaheim From Downtown Los Angeles

  1. 1. Take the US-101 S via the ramp
  2. on the left to Interstate 10 Fwy
  3. E/Interstate 5 Fwy S
  4. 2. Merge onto I-5 S
  5. 3. Take exit 111 for Lincoln Ave
  6. 4. Turn left at W Lincoln Ave
  7. 5. Take the 1st right onto N
  8. Manchester Ave
  9. 6. Take the 1st left onto W
  10. Broadway
  11. 7. Turn right at S Harbor Blvd
  12. 8. Arrive at 425 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim Jail: 425 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805

Testimonials for Anaheim Bail Bonds

We’ve never used a bailbond company before. Our little girl was arrested for reasons we would prefer not to discuss. With that said we can certainly say that after calling a few other bail companies that we found on the web, Sunset Bail Bonds was great! The owner did in fact answer the phone and we meet his brother at the Jail. Thank you! Paul, Anaheim, CA
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Importance of Bailing out Immediately

Working in the bail industry can be difficult for some, especially for the new companies popping because they’re not use to the lack of sleep. Bail is a 24 hour job and YOU need to be working with a company that answers the phone immediately and their agents are standing by ready to help. We will meet you at your house or down at the jail. Please feel free to call us even if you’re not ready to get someone out. Our time is free and we can help you look up the charges and understand the bail system.

More about the City of Anaheim and the Police Department

The Anaheim Police Department dates back to 1870 when David “Dye” Davies was elected as the first City Marshal. The population of Anaheim was less than 1,000. Today the city has over 300,000 residents. The Anaheim Police Department employs 400 sworn officers, a support staff of over 173.

As a major tourist destination, the Anaheim PD remains active protecting our residents, business community and countless visitors who come to enjoy the many various venues including Disneyland, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, the Anaheim Convention Center and the Honda Center. The Anaheim Police Department is composed of many different divisions, bureaus and operating units that are featured on their web site. The Department encourages a problem solving, community policing philosophy and works collaboratively with the community in addressing problems of crime and disorder.

Bail Bond Anaheim

We at, Sunset Bail Bond Anaheim, understand that having a family member or a friend arrested and detained by the police authorities can be a devastating experience for anyone. In such times, all we want is to get our loved one out from behind the bars.

We have the best bail bondsmen in Anaheim who are quite adept with all of the hefty bail methods including the large bail bonds. If a loved one gets arrested, you can ring us for help. We assure you to guide you along the way.

Bail Bonds Service in Anaheim

With 20 years of experience in the LA Bail Bonds business, we are proud to announce that we offer all kinds of bail bond services in Anaheim. We know that when a loved one -family or friend, gets detained and arrested by the police it can be quite a terribly crushing period for you.

Therefore, we promise to provide only the best services to our clients. Whenever you need our assistance or a bail bondsman, ring us freely and we will make sure that your loved one gets out of prison.

Over the years in our service, we have assured that we provide you with the maximum work satisfaction. We realize that if the person is not bailed out at the earliest, we will be presented in the court of law within 48 hours (on business days). Bailing out the person can provide him/her with the time to prepare his/her case as the court date is set for after a month or two.

Our goal is to bail the person out as soon as possible because the city jails are short on space. The jailers (and authorities) end up shifting the person to the county jail and bailing him out of there can take hours.

Keeping this in view, to be at your service round the clock, we are pleased to tell you that we are a 24/7 Quick Bail Bond Company situated in Anaheim. You can call us anytime to get the help of our bail bondsmen.