Bail Bonds Hollywood

Hollywood Police Station:

Hollywood Police Station:

1358 N. Wilcox Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
Hollywood police station

Hollywood PD includes:

Argyle, Cahuenga Pass, East Hollywood, Fairfax, Hobart, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood/La Brea, Little Armenia, Los Feliz, Melrose District, Mount Olympus, Sierra Vista, Spaulding Square, Sunset Strip, Thai Town, Vine/Willoughby

About Hollywood:

The Hollywood area spans 17.2 square miles, and is under the jurisdiction of West Bureau. The approximate borders are Normandie Avenue on the east, West Hollywood on the west, Mulholland Drive on the north and Beverly Boulevard on the south. Neighborhoods served by the Hollywood Community Police Station include: Hollywood, Mount Olympus, Fairfax District (North of Beverly Boulevard), Melrose District, Argyle Avenue and Los Feliz Estates. Besides the approximately 300,000 residents, the Hollywood Area attracts tourists from all over the world who visit famous sites depicted in television and the movies. Some of those locations are the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Sign, the Melrose Avenue shopping district and the Hollywood Bowl.

The Hollywood Community Police Station receives a lot of traffic but like all local city jails in Los Angeles, once booked in you’re allowed the ability to post bond. It can take several hours before being booked in and by law, every person arrested is able to see a judge within 48 hours. Keep in mind that does not include weekends. If arrested on a Friday, you might be in jail for several days or transferred to the Los Angeles County Jail.

Your best option is to bail immediately, avoid the county jail, get back to work and take some time to work on your case. If you bail now they will set a court date of approximately a month out. Meantime, you continue to work, see your family and hire an attorney to work on your case.