About Us

Sunset Bail Bonds is a family owned and family operated business. We were born and raised here in California and at times have lived in both in Orange County and Los Angeles County. These days we have bail agents living in both counties throughout California near most local jails ready to help bail you out. Knowing our way around Southern California and understanding each particular jail is important to a speedy bail process. We've been writing bail in California for over 14 years and we will be glad to answer any questions that you have and contact the jail on your behalf. While other companies claim to write bail bonds throughout the United States we concentrate on Southern California and more specifically LA and the OC. Here are just a few of the jails that we've posted bail bonds at:

Bail Bonds in Los Angeles County: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, Cerritos and many more.

Bail Bonds in Orange County: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Fullerton, Laguna Beach, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Brea and Anaheim.

You name the jail; chances are we've posted a bond there.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service we pride ourselves on the fact that we receive tons of repeat business from people in the community that remember who we are and continue to refer us to others that need Bail bond services. A good bonding company will work for you and invest several hours of their time before any payment is made. Here are just a few of the steps we take for free!

  • We walk you through every step of the bail bond process.
  • Answer every question regarding your options and what to expect when you're released.
  • We will speak with each and every family member and make sure everyone is comfortable before having anyone sign paperwork.
  • We will contact the jail on your behalf and if need be visit the jail to interview that individual.

Bail should not be a difficult process and you should feel comfortable with the bail bond company you choose. We've helped several families and their loved ones bail out when other companies pushed them away. Here are a few of the reasons our clients chose to work with Sunset Bail Bonds over other companies in the industry.

  • The agent was mean or impatient. The bail agent on the phone should be kind, helpful and have plenty of time to speak with you. To many bail bond companies hire unskilled and unlicensed people to answer their phones. You deserve better!
  • They asked for collateral such as a house or an automobile when it was not necessary. If more bail bond companies just took the time to listen to their client's needs they would understand many individual are not criminals. Several good people throughout are community are arrested every day and this does not make them a flight risk or a bad person. We've posted bail for individuals that have simply had too much to drink and got pulled over for a DUI. We posted bail for several Domestic Violence cases when it was a simple argument. Bail does not have to be difficult and in many cases you do not need collateral to secure the bond.
  • They told me they were sending down another company to post the bond. What does this tell you? The company you call should be the company that you meet at the jail and the ones answering the phone each and every time you call.

BAIL SHOULD NOT BE DIFFICULT! Contact Sunset Bail Bonds and see the difference. You will speak to the owner each time you call and in many cases the individual that answers our phones will be the individual down at the jail ready to meet with you and your family.

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